What if Mouse or Keyboard goes faulty???



Mouse(i refer to pointing device :-)) has come all the way from many transformations and now it is ubiquitous. Mouse is a such thing without which most people cant handle computer comfortably. But in some cases they may go faulty and if you have something really important to do there you should use this trick. Press LEFT Alt +LEFT Shift +Numlock (Yes i have deliberately Bolded LEFT because it works with only LEFT Buttons) then pop up should opens which by default highlighted on Yes button so just press Enter button and you’re done. Just ensure Numlock is On and now move cursor according to your needs using 2,4,6,8 on Numeric keypad where they correspond to Bottom, Left, Right, Up respectively..Wondering how to click or select No problem however Just use number 5 on numeric keypad itself and then Yippee!!Your keypad now works as Mouse..Anyways you can however use Right Click button on Keyboard itself. However in case if your laptop keyboard doesn’t have a right click button, even then no problem Just Use Shift+F10 as a substitute for Right Click

Now lets see opposite case how to use keyboard in absence of keyboard. Well Windows Operating Systems have them in default. That one is called Virtual Keyboard or OnScreen Keyboard. Now lets see the case of Popular Windows7. How to open Virtual Keyboard.. Open On-Screen Keyboard by Windows button–>All Programs–>Accessories–>Ease of Access–>On-Screen Keyboard.
Just in Case if you want to enable it for your sake of convenience now it gets much easier Windows+R and then just type osk and hit enter or Just Windows Button+ U.. That’s it, it is as simple as this.

Some keyboard shortcuts always come to rescue in troubled times besides increasing Productivity. So keep a track of them


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