My Most Cherished Online shopping Experience

There are many advantages of online shopping when exercised with proper caution as many say. The very concept of shopping from few clicks away overwhelmed me and that to 24X7. Once you got taste of it, literally there aren’t any bounds for products you wish to buy. In the process one is expected to have some  experiences. Though I buy stuff from many e-commerce retailers my online shopping experience will be always incomplete without mentioning They appeal to every genre of shopping community with something in store for everyone with wide range of deals and Best of it is they are Pocket friendly.!!!Best part of Snapdeal is it has everything under one roof. Beauty of this site is just play a game. Think of any product and try not to find on There are very high chances you will find everything on Snapdeal with competitive pricing besides hassle free intuitive shopping experience.

I have had a very pleasant experience with them. First of all I bought a keyboard from thImageem. With in very few days, I got the package. Everything was perfectly stuffed in package, starting from the bubble packaging, box or attractive colorful logo branding cover everything totally impressed me. From then they won my heart and I used to keep an eye on their website and bought many deals. On one fine evening everything is routine with my daily life on. Then a courier guy came and delivered me courier of big box with SD branding on it. I recollected if I had placed any order with them and No. Then I wondered if any friend of mine had ordered in my name on Cash On delivery. Then I asked the courier guy and he told it’s a prepaid order you need not pay anything. Then what’s in this mystery box is my million dollar question. Just opened the box.Yippee!!! It’s a Skullcandy Icon2 headphone, the most funky and cool ones I have ever seen.

Now I have recollected that I have booked Rs.0 deal of Snapdeal which was their flagship deal. And Lady Luck was on my side and I was one among the 40 Winners. 2012 seems going great for me. (They had laptops, Ipod, Mobiles, Music system and many more under this deal). With their innovative business strategies they have given e-commerce a whole new dimension.

I can’t wait any more (as expected), I plugged it into my mobile and started playing David Guetta and Akon. It’s a gr8 feeling. It’s a tough thing to express that joy. Even if I fill in all the adjectives in this page I will run short of words. May be it is one of my moments which can’t be expressed in words. Snapdeal had made some moments for me and brought smile on my face. Then my friends came to know about this thing. Believe me, life is incomplete without friends. So now I have reason to give them a treat. They are very happy for me. I was the Talk of the Town for couple of days and everyone who met me wished “Dude congrats”,” Bro!! Congos”. But I can say that I wouldn’t have treasure such headphones as much as this one even if I had bought them at Full MRP. It may sound silly but it matters a lot to me. I definitely call this a shopping experience even though didn’t pay a penny for this. And coming to the product it is intact and still enjoy using it.

Immediately shared my experience with their support team and best of it is they replied back. “Thank you for writing to us. Your appreciation really matters a lot to us. It always encourages us to serve you in a better way. Please keep on writing to us. We will try our best to assure you the same quality of services in future as well”. This stands as testimony of dedicated Customer support they have.

So what I say is even though you buy the same product from the near by local store it never beats the kick of online shopping. I too don’t know why. Since then i always dedicate part of budget to online shopping. After all everything that is available on physical stores is available on online too then why to rush to stores or malls to sweat out?? And don’t forget you can have that cool name of tech savvy guy in your community. Mind it, it’s no rocket science to shop online these days everything has been sorted out for you . What are you waiting for?? Come. Join the bandwagon of Online Shoppers and save few bucks and Have fun.

Wishing you guys a more memorable shopping experience…


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